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LOWERING KIT 1.5" FRONT / 2" REAR fits 5 Lug XRUNNER 2005-2014 TR.1520

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Tacoma 2x4 & XRunner Lowering Kit

This lowering kit is designed to fit 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma 2x4 & XRunner. 
This kit is easily installed and greatly enhances handling by lowering the vehicle roll center. 
The TR-1520 Drop Kit Lowers the front 1.5" and lowers the rear 2".

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The complete drop kit contains:

  • 1 pair-Anodized Aluminum Front Spring Perch
  • 1 pair- Alloy Steel Front Shock Sleeve
  • 1 pair- Extruded Aluminum Lowering Blocks
  • 1 pair- Rear Bump Stops
  • 2 pair- U-Bolts
  • 8 Lock Nuts
  • Installation Instructions
  • Fitment note: TR-1520 installed on  Tacoma 2x4 will require 
    O.E. Xrunner Front shocks.
This kit is completely bolt on and requires no welding.
Instruction Manual: