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FJ Cruiser Front Replacement Rotors & Pads for TRD BBK (priced per pair)

$559.00 $448.00

2007-15 FJ Cruiser Front Replacement Rotors & Pads for FJ TRD BBK (priced per pair)

The parts on this page only fit TRD brake kit with red TRD calipers

Slotted rotors can improve brake output by removing gas and dust that is trapped between the pad and rotor. This gas and dust reduces the friction force by preventing the pad from fully contacting the rotor.

Smooth rotors have allow longer pad life

Drilled rotors do allow slight additional cooling, but can crack when used with a vehicle that is overweight. Also if you are an off-roader, the build-up of dirt & mud can get stuck in drilled rotors causing shortened pad life.